Software Customization

PrintScan's Enrollment Software is extremely flexible and easy to use.

Can You Customize Your Software For Our Needs?

Contact us if you have any special requirements that we don't currently meet.

Our years of experience in working with countless live scan systems has shown us that there are far too many restrictions that can prevent one from fully utilizing the system for their needs or having to use various outlets to maintain compliance. PrintScan will configure systems to meet any agency’s individual fingerprinting needs and reconfigure as those needs change over time.

We’ve got you covered no matter what business or industry you work in and systems are tailored to your specifications.

Not sure what you need? Our experts are trained to assist you in figuring out exactly what is best for you and your company and providing the best possible solution.

The PrintScan system was built with flexibility and the end-user in mind

Fingerprinting guidelines and requirements can be complicated to say the least. PrintScan’s systems and support are molded around you rather than what is easier or more profitable for us. Our systems are versatile enough to conform to any agency’s standards and specifications.

For more details, consult with one of our fingerprinting specialists at (631) 782-1700.

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Departmental Order Enrollment Demographic Screen

PrintScan supports multiple demographic formats

We understand that every agency wants their data in their own particular format. That's why we have a revolutionary EFTS editor backed by decades of fingerprint experience.

The demographic data capture can be customized to many different varieties of EFTS data formats.

  • NFUF - Authorized Recipient
  • NFUF - Housing Authority Checks
  • NFUF - FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement)
  • DOCE - Departmental Orders
  • PRINT - Print Only Records

PrintScan supports the standard fingerprint capture modes

PrintScan supports the standard fingerprint capture modes

  • The standard flat and roll capture (NIST Type 4)
  • The standard flat only capture (NIST Type 14)
  • NFIQ quality measurements.
  • Flat print segmentation.
Fingerprint Capture Screen